Davide De Rosa

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My ambitious goal is making Bitcoin a seamless experience for the average user. BitcoinSPV and the series “Basic Blockchain Programming” were my first step towards that. Now I really want to pick up where I left off.

During my former experience at Private Internet Access, I also gained a certain expertise in VPN development for the Apple platforms. This eventually led me to the development of Passepartout, an user-friendly alternative OpenVPN client.

On development

I’m mostly interested in mobile platforms, especially iOS, but I’ve touched a little bit of everything through the years.

I strive to be professional on each step, from analysis through user experience down to real code. Everything is key to high-quality software and code is the very last part of the problem.

I’m rarely happy with just “stuff that works”, it’s essential to me to take the time to adopt the best solution I can ever think of.

I enjoy teaching as much as I enjoy making software. I usually give my best when dealing with the skeptical, there’s plenty of reasons why one should make friends with computers nowadays.

Something else

I love endurance sports, the bike being essentially my second skin. I don’t mind pain and suffering for a rewarding goal, and cycling is IMHO its best expression. It made me perseverant at accomplishing things in my life.


A former experience in online poker made me also financially scrupulous. I consider myself particularly good at leveraging the best out of limited resources.

Music is love and hate. I could never be consistent at studying piano and guitar, but I will certainly die trying. I can perform Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin acceptably well for an audience, which alone makes me still happy.