Davide De Rosa

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Most of my projects are available on my GitHub repository. You'll notice that I love my code to be pretty self-explanatory.

Passepartout is a non-official, user-friendly OpenVPN® client for iOS and macOS.

With its native look & feel, Passepartout focuses on ease of use. It does so by stripping the .ovpn flags that are today obsolete or rarely used. Passepartout can connect to a few well-known VPN providers or import .ovpn configuration files. Trusted networks are also supported along with other cool features. It relies on TunnelKit for most VPN functionality.

Passepartout is available on the App Store for iOS and macOS.


TunnelKit is a simplified, non-official OpenVPN® client library for the iOS and macOS platforms. It’s a hard fork of PIATunnel, a library that I developed and maintained while working at Private Internet Access, a VPN provider.

Supports AES-CBC and AES-GCM ciphers, a couple of SHA digests and TLS verification. The feature set is smaller than the standard OpenVPN clients, yet the library provides a much easier, not to mention native Swift API.

BitcoinSPV is the first full-stack Bitcoin library for iOS, completely written in native Objective-C.

It provides the basic protocol data structures, essential client functionality and some modern features like BIP37 Bloom filters for efficient SPV and BIP32 hierarchical deterministic wallets.

I made BitcoinSPV open source in the hope to increase Bitcoin adoption on mobile devices. If you’ve never heard of Bitcoin, you should by now learn about it.

Word Fill is a well known fill-in puzzle game. One might argue there are many other puzzle apps out there but Word Fill does a little more.

With the aid of my open source crossword engine crucio the app is capable of generating virtually infinite grids. That is, you will always be filling a totally new grid without purchasing any additional package!

Hardcore gamers, seeking some challenge?

Hit, Hit, Hit! is an original, fast-paced, no-frills action game with truly engaging music and gameplay. Easy, just push the balls off the screen. Hard, don’t ever stop or you’ll be flooded! And each elapsed second makes it harder.

A one-finger skill game from the endless genre with Game Center rankings and tricky achievements.

This is some reusable stuff I come up with during iOS development.

The repository comes with a showcase project of the UI-related classes and categories.

tweeckie is an innovative JavaScript platform enabling people to play with a friend by just sending him a direct link.

The whole engine heavily relies on HTTP Push techniques and aims at full cross-browser compatibility. A developer API exists so that any kind of 1-on-1 game can be plugged into tweeckie. A live chat is also available while playing.

Chess, Checkers and Othello (Reversi) are currently bundled with tweeckie.

Playing Chess

PushMQ provides an easy publish/subscribe JavaScript interface to RESTful message queues.

Cross-browser compatibility is guaranteed by jQuery AJAX implementation. The project has been successfully tested on nginx HTTP Push Module and makes up the backbone of tweeckie.

crucio is an experimental crossword and fill-in puzzle generator written in C++.

I developed crucio for my degree thesis and mainly thought it for educational purposes. It’s an interesting backtracking and search heuristics example showing how apparently easy games are computationally hard to solve.

The included cruciotex generates a LaTeX output for neat PS/PDF rendering and even my Word Fill app totally relies on crucio!