Who's there?

It's Davide De Rosa writing (also known as keeshux on the Internet), a young all-around enthusiast from Italy willing to share and offer his IT experience.

My passion spans over many years during which I put my best efforts on software development. I strive to be professional on each step, from analysis down to real code. Everything is essential to high-quality software and code is the very last part of the problem.

As to design, I love to exploit the object-oriented paradigm in any possible scenario and I really stay clear from people that get by with "stuff that works". It's so important to me to take the time to adopt the best solution I can ever think of.

My skills

Right now I'm mostly interested in mobile platforms, especially iOS.

I'm deeply into the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, especially focused on advanced client development aiming at improved usability for the casual user. WaSPV is only part of my work in progress.

I also spent some time on advanced AJAX implementations and tweeckie is sort of an experiment about them. On the other hand, my former full-time jobs focused on the Java enterprise flavor (J2EE).

Meanwhile I brilliantly achieved the Sun Certified Java Programmer certification (SCJP, now OCPJP).